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If i see another posting on Religion on this "General" Forum, i will Blow myself up!
Take all these Atheist,religious Bullshit where no one clicks.... Under Religion!!!!!
We are trying to live our lives free of other`s opinions so i suggest that you atheists,believers and Non believers just f**k OFF and Post your STUPID opinions under Religion!!
Atheismo can barely wait.


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This is a general post that respects all religion n favours none.I respect rules n regulations instilled by @admin n if I ave offended any Lister I am sorry
Spineless. If you apologize this much in real life, you apologize too much and it won't surprise anyone if people use you like a toilet bowl.


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though, this won't end until admin stop banning users based solely on usernames and requests from dolts that are on one hand shouting religious ideals and asking for depraved sex aid VIP section on the other- and can't see the irony.
where is the irony? kwani sex and religion dont mix?


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Live and let live. A mere four words that can see you live in peace for an eternity. Never try to impose your faith, beliefs, opinions on others, they too have theirs.
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