Rest in peace Caroline Mwatha


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Not again. So heartbreaking . Aki we need to pray against this demonic spirit of killing women. God remember your daughters. Its become too much. This is not normal, wish Rachel Ruto can call women to a nation wide fast on this matter. Its so painful. May God comfort her family.
God won't help you. Police killing activists is just a normal routine. Going into Christian Dogmas is what causes this to continue.
Who is this guy called Billian Ojiwa who is also missing alongside Carol. Gosh! this country yaani. you cant catch alshabab but civilians ndio wanauliwa kama waizi.He was found alive , it seems women ndio hawana bahati . Noma .
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What is not happening in this country, sasa hata KANU youth winger has disappeared. Mungu tuonekanie. Its like Moi days people just disappear nxt mwili inapatikana Got Alila.Its now not even weekly but almost daily. The kin say her fon was used 3 days ago to a number in Dubai that was not picked
Every else has failed us its now time to turn to God.
thats how hare brained africans continue to suffer at the expense of the elites. Good governance is a product of force. Being coy like goats make africans suffer the worst. Kama umeona watu wajinga wakiswim from libya going to spain or uk, ama slavery in libya and you are here saying its God. How is prayer helping our tortured brothers in tunisia? how are prayers helping us who suffer when leaders loot cash for medicine and hospitals?