Retired Honourable Raila Odinga


Senior Villager
Raila knows a,fraction of Kenyans are stupid. He played with this trait not to accept defeat. From holding stupid press conferences during transmission, demanding to be sworn in, giving eti an 8 million vote figure, the all famous formulae (which in real sense was what happens in random fair transmission) . Only gullible Kenyans could not see through the propaganda.
He went to court , expecting to lose and cause chaos, with Soros overthrow or force a nusi mkate govt..
The Court surprises him.. He then tries campaigning and realises he'll lose again and his violence/ overthrow plan is already thwarted by the fresh election.,He starts fighting IEBC and anything else he can think of.. Realises election is too near.. Tries Withdrawing from the race to create crisis and violence, Court surprises him again with Ekuru... He goes abroad to seek international intervention, realises the EU is for elections.
Now Raila is back, with no time for campaigning, with the International Community backing IEBC and elections and with only one tribe out of 43 demonstrating.. No way he'll cause chaos.. He can't force a nusu mkate and cannot win the election..
The Dilemma of Retired Honorable Raila Odinga


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Jakuon's show was purely for the cameras, to give him the option of deniability, his real agenda and intentions of disruption remain unchanged



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RAO knows he can't win elections that aren't free & fair.
Therein lies the dilemma!
The only Dilemma is one of finally fairly losing.. Huwezi shindwa na mirrioni mbili na ukuwe izo zote umeibiwa.. Free and fair elections ni numbers, apparently Babuon na Kalooser hawana... Once Okuyu and OKalenjin wameshikana in a free and fair elections.. It's gone. That's democracy