Village Elder
The registrar of political parties must forthwith revoke NASA certificate from the list of coalition parties pursuant to the Political Parties Act. Hon Raila has just changed the objectives of the coalition from a party to a resistance movement which may offend that statute.


Village Elder
Am actually feeling for babuon, you always quit when you are ahead. That way history will always be kinder to you.
In less than, 20 years, the real history of who Raila Odinga really was and what he stood for will truthfully be told without his influence.
Very true......Those wazungus who "specialize in African political affairs" will start writing about him this year hata. Small small articles comparing him to other rebels around the world that will culminate into a huge story in a major paper or journal on African affairs. Sad to say 80% of the work will show him in 'bad light'.

Ned Stark

Village Elder
Yani watermelon amaechezwa hivyo ataambiwa mambo ya NASA ni gentleman agreement. NRM ndio kusema alafu kakuwe lap dog ya Jakuon azungushwe tena hadi waende into oblivion

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