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Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
An employee at a Naivas supermarket was killed by armed robbers on Tuesday night.

The thugs raided a bar along Thika Road, Nairobi, and ordered patrons to lie down, Kasarani CID chief Valary Obore said.

Benson Kagiri is said to have defied the order, prompting the robbers to shoot him on the chest.

Obore said the thugs made away with Kagiri's phone and an unknown amount of money.

Nobody else was injured during the 11pm incident.

The body was taken to City mortuary.

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As short as life is, its lessons are long
We learn good from bad, and right from wrong
We take some things for granted; others, we prize
We say hello and sometimes too quickly, goodbye
So heart-wrenching the thought of it all thrown away
A life not really yet lived, yet now exists in the grave
Sadly, senseless acts of violence happen every day
We hope that its evil doesn’t make us its prey…
The tears will keep coming and the days will seem long
But you’ll live in our hearts and your beat still plays on…
You’ll be missed, Ben… so caring and sweet
Goodbye, little cousin… rest in peace!

i received this shocking news yesterday at noon, thanks to Breud for giving me the Link
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