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Kiingereza,kwa kweli,Ilikuja na Meli....
Check it out. And give this guy some comedy
show on Njata TV already!
1. Car is NOT bicycle. If you want to know the
owner of a car.. Don't talk aboutside (the hell
is that!!??) eeerr.. Outside...
2. Some boys were take some photos and post
them to the Facebook and whatever...
3. It happen that one of the car which cause
accident it was there...
4. As a part of director...
5. The person who was driving, I don't
remember his name clear because he is a part
of the member who is Mbugua! Waaaah!
6. After this accident,I come to realized that
one of the driver or somebody who was that
car is a part of my member...
7. I heard that one of the car which was
among the car which was in the hotel...
8. You Journalism. You took photo of the day
when I was happy in my wedding then you put
photo of somebody who is died. Oh Lord!
9. You Journalism! You must come clear! And
show the things how it is.
10. You can read,just a minute,you can read on
newspaper that I was drunkards
11. Let somebody come and say we drinked
with him this bar and this bar and this bar...
12..... That's why I want where... Where I was
drunkard,who I was with him...
13. It's an example of how people can saw
your car...
14. Who said that? By who? By Journalism? The
one who put my photo? Hahaha
15. I can't record all those thousands people
in my head...
16. If anybody say I was at Togoni with the
17. Can I ask you question?
18. Nobody is happy when somebody is dies...
19. Sius me... (Excuse Me)
20. You can read newspaper,they say I say this
i say this,who has ask me question?
21. Because the car was among the hotel... I
would go as a human... Ngai Fafa!
22. Demon cannot work itself...
23. Some spirit how they got people,how they
causes people, and how they misuse people
but about to many person....
24. My heart I am not happy of how Journalism
are doing to me...
25. Let journalist become profeshonororo
(Ok,that's WHAT I heard... That's what we all
My children say that I am now a sarambry..
Sarambrities... (Celebrity)
God,Jail this crook already!
Just watched that interview
ya yule pasta wa jana and
even if Kizungu ilikuja na
meli, huyu alikuwa
anaNG'ANG'Ana haha..
1) Those who are saying i
wented to karen Hospital let
them bring karen hospital to
prove i was not threatened
2)Somone came and say i am
a member of his drunked
and drunked with him (2)if i
drunked and then we
drunked someone has to tell
who has drunked"let me tello
you Hussein when is died
both of us is loosing satan is
winning this bring enemity".
3)When the accident was
happened i was already
wented home let the policies
provide evitent in court.
4)Hussein even my children
are telling me i have become
a cerebral".
5)I did not curse anyone but
you jounalisms ur not pro..
pro.. proffesionalal you only
pick the bad one"....


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He he number 8 Ni perfect direct translation from his L1 thus " Inyui andu aa mohoro. Mukoya mbica ya muthenya wa gikeno wa uhiki wakwa mugacoka mugabandika mbica ya mundu ukuite. Ngai Mwathani"
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Hehhe but he once said he never finished primary school. Fikad class 3 or somethin

He's really tried,.if you ask me

Plus he got money. That's enough!!! As long as he can get a woman et al., broken English ain't a problem


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And btw, laughing at your fellow African coz he can't speak the white man's language is really backward to say the least.
Don't take things too seriously. We laugh at other people's mistakes and move on. Feeligs za nini? Ama wewe ni member wa hilo kanisa lake?
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