RoberrMugambe decided to resign

Niko kwa hii channel ya Zim nikingoja hako kamzee katoe speech, but nika kashakunywa uji ya usiku kakalala. Watching this Zimbabwen channel, I get the feeling that the country is "normal", whatever that means. Humans are resilient, these guys are still keeping on despite all the negative news that comes out of that country.
Kwani these guys think everyone understands the language? When people speak in venacular, no one bothers to translate to English. Sijui kama ni budget iko mbaya.
Why did Uhuru visit Moi today?? Me thinks he went to get advice on how to deal with Raila.
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..But mzee pia alishindwa.
Symbolic more than anything. Halafu Toro alikataa IP phones? Fresh flowers all around him as always. Kesho watu watajua hawajui

ION UhuRuto's silence is almost killing babuon. Saw him stammering that there needs to be an international intervention nikahurumia jamaa.