Robert Gabriel Mugabe : mutungamiri wekutanga

Am Ok if we had a Robert Mugabe Monument in the country. If you think about it deeply, we do. Mugabe represents a struggle that resonates with my values.
If you study about Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti'sfirst President, From a perspective that would benefit you more than "them" , You will understand why we do not need the CNN, BBC, France 24, USA, UK.... to tell you who your heroes are.
Jean Jacques Dessalines

Jean Jacques was a bitter man. He had been a slave himself. This affected how he ruled and he had to be assassinated to be pulled from power. But to Haitians, the fact that he lead them to emancipation is what matters most. The National Anthem is named La Dessalinienne.

The West has ostracized Mugabe on the basis of his African Looks and not his values. If this guy went by the West's program, they would never show him in this light. The west has never worried about democracy and the well being of Africans. Most caricatures in Western Edicts and articles of Uncle Bob would look like this :


Sometimes, western writers would forget that its Mugabe's values they are chiding and go full blown racist like calling all Zimbabweans "Zimbos". And they always get away with it.

Mugabe denied them the right to steal Land. That is why Malema is often displayed in the west as the model mad african politician. For agitating for Land rights. The United States of America had to invade Haiti, The forces sorrounded the parliament and the legislators were forced to remove several parts of the constitution. One part is the one that stated that "No white man can own Land in Haiti, and any Black Man from anywhere can get shelter in Haiti if they felt discriminated against, anywhere, on the virtue of being Black". The legislators had to Finnish the amendments before they could leave parliament.

That is why, despite their failings, Mugabe, Garvey, Dessalines, Toussaint,... and more are my ninjas. While this brother Mugabe may have gotten way over into himself, what he represents as a Black Leader is what I want him to be seen for in the foreseeable future.

Power to the Movement.
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Mugabe is Zimbabwe's mutungamiri wekutanga (Founding Leader in Shona). That should be enough to push out any conditioning one may have gone through as a result of western propaganda, and some of the actual mistakes he may have made including Gukurahundi (meaning the early rain which washes away the chaff before the spring rains), The Matebeleland Massacre, which he presided over

You will however need the ability to access deeper consciousness to achieve certain perspectives, otherwise you will only see this write-up as crap
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If Libyans saw Gaddafi just as a dictator but not what he brought to the people you expect different results in zimbambwe..?
Lybians, Iranians and the Afghans, can tell their story to.
Then the Russians under The Czars, who, thought communism, was gonna heal all the problems in their backyard.
Back in .ke. Luo Nyanza Politicians have discovery an antidote, to all the ills afflicting.
@Antonio Mascaro your last paragraph is patronizing crap!
I have edited to add content, quote please so we could go over it. If its about deeper consciousness, it has always been an impediment to understanding and world view diversity among knowledge commoners. It could be patronizing too, I agree, as it comes out like am forcing a reader to agree with my view otherwise they can't access a certain section of their consciousness. Not the intention though. I'll keep it though, so that this comment makes sense.
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We have always loved mugabe since we were kids but priss at he cant give the people a whore to take over . aende arelax moi style angojee kwenda kwa saitan .