Roger Federer


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12_11..roger anapelekwa kichinjioni 12_12 issa .tiebreak
Hawez shinda hapo
Holy shiittt:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:
I knew it..tiebreak hawezi shinda Nole
Baaaad baaaad day for me..imagine opening a thread for roger Federer to just serve and win Wimbledon 2019..:mad:


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This must be the most painful loss of Federer's 100% sure..yaani ni kama soccer you just have to tap in to score halafu serving to win Wimbledon 2019 halafu unashindwa!!!!!!!!!!!!
But for me Novak Djokovic can never be the king of Wimbledon..never ever..
Wacha sour grapes nanii. Djokovic had nerves of steel. Hata karibu anaibiwa hapo mwisho. He called for a video review na kitu ilikua ndani. However, instead of giving him the match ati no points for either, serve irudiwe. Very biased English official and f**kin commentators. Washenzi naona wamewin ICC worl


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Federer becomes a mental midget when he comes up against Novac or Rafa. He crumbled under pressure at the most crucial points. Djokovic edged Federer in the mental game,the guy has ice in his veins. Nole came in clutch in the tie breaks when it mattered most,he also saved two championship points on Federers serve and a couple of break points in the final set. I was literally holding my breath during that final set because I had put quite a significant amount on Djoker to win the first set and the championship..
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