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who will buy shit like that. Its like a bill board saying "look here am stolen". Na pia parts utauza wapi. Kuuza something like that ni long story. You would rather steal a toyota.
Cheki huyu, kwani u think all stolen cars are sold in Kenya, my friend haujaskia soko mzuri ya stolen vehicles especially hizi gari za nguvu ni S.Africa, Ukiskia mtu ame car jackiwa RangeRover. Mercedez ama BMW or any other top of the range car, hio gari upelekwa Tanzania where kuna brokers who buy it change plates wanaweka ya majuu and drive it hadi S.Africa for donyo--habari ndo hio


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in kenya people can steal a merc or a bimmer and dismantle it in TZ. Likes of rolls royce phantom, maybachs, some bentlys, lamborghinis, some chryslers and such are just uneconnomical, conspicuous, and fool hardy to steal. Toyota and other zebras that are easy to sell ndio huibiwa sana na zinakatwakatwa hapa nairobi. Where would you sell stuff custom made kama ya hiyo rolls hapo??
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