Rope skipping


Mrs Shosho

And it is not recommended by the specialists.
Guys walk if you can and when you can.. costs nothing. Ditch hiyo driving from the 'living room to the bathroom' (short distance). Eat healthy good food, costs cheaper, drink less.....I get amazed sana when in Kenya or the States...seeing where we are driving to. Europeans cycle and walk 100% where possible.
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If you are overweight don't pressure you ankles. Start with either riding a bike or dance classes. The more fit you get you get into those tougher aerobics.
Nilikupa like on the important hint of not putting pressure on your ankles alafu saw your “dance” recommendation nikatudi na my like.Dude that’s g** and a sure way to reduce your testosterone levels

Azor Ahai

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The surest way kukonda kama huwezi control chakula ni kusota. Chukua loan ya several mirions uanze kujenga apartment block or some other capital intensive project. Check your weight after a few months. Utakuwa unaamka saa nane usiku with night sweats kutafuta pesa, but you will appreciate that decision later in life. Physically utakonda automatically. Ukikula breakfast uende job unastukia siku imeisha na hujakula bado. I normally lose 2-3 kilos nikiwa na project kule reserve na naparara. Nikirudi Nairobi narudi normal weight.