Rubber bullets? Rioters should also use rubber stones!!!


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I saw the look on Maragga na Mareggae' s face when the entire courtroom broke into loud laughter nkajua kimeumana kamzee katarushwa nje physically...luckily the nigga contained his tempers akaexplain 19m voters hawaezi kubaliwa kutestify :D:D

FieldMarshal CouchP

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I like. That mzee should be given a portion of the happy valley!
This is why I keep saying that our age group was the best. You can see the Mzee is reasoning above the youngins there. Trevor seems to be in awe.

I challenge anybody here - when about 10 'demonstrators' confront you from 20 metres armed with rocks, and all you have is a rifle and no body armour, what do you do? Wait to die?

I'd shoot at least one bugger so the other flee, kwani?

Same thing I said about running down the idiots in a car. I find you along University Way terrorising people I run you over without thinking twice...........................


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Mimi naomba waletewe hizo rubber bullets na zikuwe in a gun with fully automatic rapid fire capabilities so police can rain on protesters at will ... hospital beds will be full ndio watajua pia rubber bullet sio mchezo . They can cause extreme damage .