Ruling on results verification

It may be me, but the SC is back-peddling. First it says that it has no jurisdiction and then goes ahead to render a ruling 'in the public interest'.

Even Ojwang has agreed with the ruling although he says he disagreed on the way it was reached - he says he believed from the first instant that the SC had jurisdiction.


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and there it goes again....muite and co looosing each and every case like a bunch of twats
muite has not lost he has gotten his clarification in one way or the other. Remember odm read LSK wanted the case dismissed, ekuru okoth wanted it dismissed with cost

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So no altering anything in form 34B .
Isn't this just giving extra bullets for nullification if any difference between 34A and 34B is found ?
the nullification was not based on any discrepancies on numbers, actually the numbers were not being refuted, it was what they called the process especially 'opening of servers' whatever that means, but it was more of process.
If there are differences chebukati will not have any issues with that all he has to do is receive all 34b and 34a add up the constituency figures and announce the results, and assuming iebc 'open the servers' all should be well.

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!