rumbling car

I have a corolla fielder with a rumbling transmission or something. When i rev the engine alone it sounds okay, but when on the highway the thing rumbles like it has continuous freno. even when I let off the gas and put it neutral with foot off the gas it still rumbles as long as it has in relative high speed. Doesnt pull too well. doesnt rumble when moving slowly. engine is 1NZ-FE and trans is cvt. cvt oil is clean and up to correct level. I was told to get a new gearbox but a good one goes for 90k and i dont want to make that kind of a mistake. some other guy insists its an exhaust problem even though it doesnt go with engine revs. advice bana. najua nyinyi ni watu wa hizi gari.


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Cvt Transmission belt has become lose ,Cvt fluid yako hukubadilisha on time ,thus it affected the moving parts za transmission and made the belt lose its factory calibration ,just buy a new transmission,100k will suffice for toyota
hahaha. it turned out to be worn wheel bearings transmitting vibration to the transmission making it sound like freno. changed them and the car went quiet. surprisingly pulling power returned to normal and consumption went down. almost burnt my fingers with trigger happy know it all "mechanics".