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Value is submitting to your husband and being supportive and agreeable with the decisions and direction he wants to take the family.
I don't know any successful company that has two CEOs.
If you're not supporting and submitting,you are hindering and undermining.
Even the Bible says so!
Mwanamke ajue yeye si CEO.
Na on top of that, ajue yeye ni helper.

And if they can't find a man they can respect enough to submit to,they shouldn't marry a looser then turn around and blame them later on.
supportive and agreeable is basis of any relationship but submitting hiyo sasa ni ego boost na self esteem haukupata ukiwa mtoto. Sasa nikuulize submission scope ni gani? kukuosha mguu? kukunawisha mkono? kuitikia kila upus unasema?
If we've both gone to University and more hakuna submission. You have to reason your way through things. Hiyo makende haikupi rights juu naeza finya

Mzee mzima

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Must you have a personal example for every situation? Mara it's my uncle bla bla bla, my sisters this, my brothers that, my dad, my mum, my boyfriend, my ex, my roommate, my village mate, my flat mate, my drinking pals, my football pals, my driving pals, my sailing pals, my fishing........ Eiish.
Don't you ever get tired?
FYI @Miss Finest Wine this is @Mathaais other handle, he uses it when he can't confront someone directly