Ruto alininyonga Mtu-TBT


Village Elder
Hi tuliona lakini mavi ya kale haya wache kunuka
There was a time Cyrus Jirongo claimed that William Ruto strangled someone to death in their presence. He said this during Jacob Juma's burial.
I've heard the stories from some wise guys. Things like that, people don't usually talk about it in the open.
Apparently he followed that young man and killed him with his bare hands. Although I heard it happened back in the early 90's.
You know you are a cold mf when you strangle to someone to death with your bare hands. I would not want to mess with that mf. Although that sounds like a scene from a movie.
It's during the youth for kanu days in the 90s
Some guy threw in a grenade in the vehicle Ruto and jirongo were travelling in....
Fortunately, the grenade did not detonate..
Ruto got down from the vehicle chased down the guy n he cracked/snapped his neck..
If that grenade detonated si huyo kijana angeua mheshimiwa Ruto.