Ruto Should Field An Independent Gubernatorial Candidate In Nairobi To Test The Waters


Village Elder
By so doing he will gauge his influence in a multi ethnic county. Under today's prevailing environment Arror will win the votes of many poor people who view Ouru and Ojinga as the cause of their misery


Village Sponsor
They view them as the good Samaritan tale, they could've helped but chose to ignore them.

Hustler cuts across tribal arithmetic, WSR message is very simple.
There are the haves and have nots, and just like that the masses see their similarities in their differences.

Cheza juu

Village Elder
Nairobi is a good ground to test.

Having said that, I already concluded Miguna is better the day he argued Nairobi needs to have managers each heading a geographic division,but am sure NMS will suffer, watching


Village Chief
He is going to do it. The composition of Nairobi is majority Kikuyu and Luo. And so if I was Ruto or Jubilee, I would be along those lines if you really have an intent of winning. In fact if I was team BBI, I would field a Kikuyu candidate.