18+ Sabina Joy, Amar, modern green gang


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Stop buying hoes beer and paying money to bang them .. it makes no sense .. just choose one..
Wacha nikuchanue, whenever someone buys you a beer just know they are buying your time and opinion, mostly they end up asking you questions zinawasumbua akili in the form of "there is this friend of mine going through...". It doesn't matter whether you are a whore or a stranger. Once they have satisfied their human nature of socializing and nutting, they retrieve back to their caves


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Who appointed you an authority on the matters of whoring? Hio department ni mzito @Agwambo diye tu tunaskiza amri yake na mambo ya umaraya.

Tembeza kiatu I say n shhhhh
I always knew that you and @Wanaruona were an item. He is always the first to give you comments a like as you can clearly see in this instance.

And we are aware that you two walk around the streets of Kenol Muranga holding hands and smooching hoping no one ends your deep romance.