Sad: lady hangs h/self coz jamaa left her 4 best friend *Graphic content*

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So sad!A young Nigerian girl has taken her life after her boyfriend dumped her for her best friend. According to a close source,the deceased body was found at the back of a building few days after her boy friend dumped her.
She however declined to say the name of the deceased and her boy friend.

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If she is such stupid to commit suicide, she deserved to die. Most of us work very hard to evade death.

RIH: Rot in Hell.


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I cannot criticize. Whe a person does that she/he is never in their right mind. Extreme depression can do it, even to you. Kusema huwezi ni kama kusema ukisniff cocaine you will still be in your right mind. Or it is like claiming that unakunywanga chupa kumi na you make the best judgements, even on the road.
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