Safaricom Sim Replacement


Village Elder
Three of my pals have fallen to drink spiking recently, their phones stolen and sim card replaced. All monies (Mpesa + MSwari + KCB Mpesa) withdrawn. One wonders whether there are insiders involved or is it so simple to do a sim replacement.
Hizi ni excuses mnatoa on Safaricom's behalf. There must be a syndicate within the company enabling these fraudulent activities. Sometime back I clicked on one of those shady "you've won an ipad" ads. I was duly asked to fill in my phone number before I could claim my iCrap. Obviously I knew it was a ploy to chew my airtime, because it said below the webpage, in small print that "this is a premium service. You'll be charged 30shs per day bla bla bla...", but I was curious to see exactly how the con worked. So I enter my phone number. Then they ask for my PIN. I entered a random PIN number. Then they tell me the PIN number doesn't correspond with the phone number I've provided. So I ask myself, how the f**k do these cons know the PIN and phone number don't correspond, unless they have access to Safaricom's database? And if they have access, who provides it?