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  1. Mundu Mulosi

    Mundu Mulosi Administrator Staff Member

    Mimi nikisikia Maina KaGay promoting something na bidii sana, I give it a wide berth, na hivyo tu ndio niliona hii kitu ni meffi.
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  2. Wechez

    Wechez Senior Villager

    You've nailed it man. Tushahama na haturudi kwa bobconmemore
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  3. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

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  4. Mtefefo

    Mtefefo Villager

    Don't forget, the app asks for permissions to access your contacts, texts, make calls and know your location. Why? Just play damn music. Screenshot_20180213-170953.png
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  5. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    and 25 bob daily is too much given that bundles are still fucking damn expensive here in kenya!
  6. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer Village Elder

    Sigwes jaribu
  7. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    Last year Safcom paid 1.5 billion to artists for skiza tunes alone. MCSK paid less than 50 million. Hopefully this will be more.
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  8. Greedy Genius

    Greedy Genius Village Elder

    Sometime in the middle of last year MCSK was stopped by a Kisumu court from collecting royalties. Hii biashara inaonekana iko na pesa.
  9. Mzee mzima

    Mzee mzima Village Elder

    FAIL. HII KITU NI WHITE ELEPHANT KAMA VIUSASA. Maisha ni ngumu ain't nobody got the money to pay for upus labda @Freakazoid and his small brother @screwplus chieth
  10. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    It seems they mine data from users which they use in marketing their services.
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  11. Freakazoid

    Freakazoid Village Elder

    Location is important when the market grows na mse ako western will be exposed to his local artists but make calls.. ...ama ni story ya mpesa payments maybe.. .
    Am black first.... If shit i can get for free why pay....
    Even kanye west ashawahi bambwa aki torrent software ya deadmouse... .
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  12. Riva

    Riva Village Elder

    For 499 a month I better stick to Apple Music where I already have a huge library that recommends all my favorite music.
  13. Riva

    Riva Village Elder

    Same question I asked a lady marketing that Showmax to me. She just smiled and told me to just take the leaflet coz she’s trying to get paid.

    But when it comes to music, the thing is some music you’ll never find on YouTube or anywhere else for free download.
    A good example; my favorite S.A duo ‘Revolution’. I’ve scoured the Internet but I can’t find any of their albums (Moribo, Revolution or even Meropa) or even single songs for free download.
  14. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    Watu wanalia about bundles you realise this is an Internet service. To access any website online you have to go through your isp, doesn't matter of its free or paid website. You pay your ISP to use the Internet.
    YouTube is free but you pay your isp to access it
    Netflix has paid subscription but you still pay your isp too to access it.

    Basic knowledge guys that we don't have to hold a discussion or debate about
  15. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    You pay your isp to access the Internet. Hata hiyo apple music you pay safaricom or whatever your mobile provider is for bundles to access it with or whoever provides home/office Internet to you. You don't use the Internet for free. So that's the same for showmax.

    Hata ktalk is free for you to access but you have to buy data bundles or use home/office/coffee shop Internet to use it. how do you expect to access Showmax an online service for free?
  16. Ole masai

    Ole masai Village Elder

    My issue was not bundles. let me rephrase the question. why pay for the app while i can access almost all music i want direct from you-tube?. kindly educate me.
  17. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    Can you play youtube music in the background while using the phone on other apps? Can you download YouTube music to listen offline?
    Hell fucking no....

    But again you can, by paying for YouTube red subscription which costs like 10usd every month. Nikifika home nitakuonyesha vile yangu hukaa.
    Music streaming sites are a great way to listen to any music while supporting the creators too.
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  18. Ole masai

    Ole masai Village Elder

    have done it all the time.
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  19. Ole masai

    Ole masai Village Elder

    have no use for this feature.
  20. Le Dante

    Le Dante Senior Villager

    Yes, I can.
    An app called NewPipe does all that. All the other apps are its copies. It plays music from YouTubein the background, downloads videos and audios too in the desired format. App iko hapo XDA.

    2. Open Chrome, go to Youtube, make a playlist, request Desktop site. The site will reload and bring video/music controls on your notification bar. Pause it. Toka browser. Click play from the notification bar. Enjoy.

    3. I am sure kuna several modules za Xposed Framework that can make youtube play music in the background!