Safaricom to close shops in honour of Bob Collymore


Village Elder
I saw this news... My question how does closing a shop honour a person who is already death. Maybe this should be done when someone is alive so that they see how we value them. Would not even working harder to ensure continuity and success honor the person who was committed to that. We have some non essential traditions we should away with.

Deleted member 10628

There's a Bible verse that addresses this, Something about let the dead butty themselves siko sure about the verse


Monocotyledon Combuster
What's the big fuss,? Between 10:30am and 2:30pm. Let's honor him. A church service in remembrance, is in order.
There are people who schedule their days weeks in advance. Sasa wajipange juu MTU alikufa na akazikwa. Najua unafanya kwa mhindi ama you are a lowly paid lazy civil servants with no regard for other people's time.