Explicit Safisheni macho Tue edition # battle of ass hips n thickness


Village Elder
The chic wearing a white cap and a blue jeans is called Rallya and stays along Thika Road. I've nutted in her severally. She is fine fine. Kama tumesalimiana hapo you can speak now or forever hold your peace. Her number starts with 0705 and ends with a 55.
Has a nice ass


Senior Villager
Number 7 on the list wearing a yellow denim is Sharon Shaz..that photo seems to be over two years old, nowadays her booty is rolling..bigger and better
What is it about this kunguru in white cap? Talkers are obsessed with her in a manner I have never seen. I thought we agreed in the men's workshop that all Kumas are the same the only difference is the packaging and that the yellower the berry the more watery the juice! Talkers kindly revise your notes and avoid jamming my inbox with request for a kunguru number!