Saidia hapa

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kush yule mnono

Retired Hekaya Master
Just found my boss kawasaki-ing in the office, he had not locked the door. Now he is afraid that I will spread the gospel and want us to settle this matter out of the public. Aki he is even offering to give me a pay rise just to make sure I shut up. He has been a mtiaji all along and I guess this is my best chance to get my revenge but again am tempted with the extra cash. Si ati am asking for matusi here. Do not ask me for mbisha as I did not get the chance to click but will post the drawing nikimaliza kuichora.
Dont even post the mbisha here unless your boss is female. Excuse the man, alikuwa tu kwenye raha zake..Just apologise for staring at his D by getting him a dry fry and ensure he posts the ceremonies pics here later....


Village Elder
Na si ungemsaidia amalize hiyo maneno, by offering ua only orifice of-course. badala ya kumshika red handed alafu utoroke. u would have gotten a bigger raise.
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