Saidia Peasant


Village Elder
Hehe Hatuwezi Resist Njeri
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen. You all need to know that.

1. It costs Kshs 22/- to pay Bills like Electricity on Safaricom network while it's absolutely free on Airtel network.

2. It cost Kshs 99/- to subscribe 200Mbs data on Safaricom network while on Airtel network Kshs 99/- will get 1GB data.

3. It costs Kshs 4/- talk time per minute on net Safaricom calls network while it's only Kshs 2/- per minute on Airtel network.

4. It costs both the sender and recipient on Safaricom Mpesa services while it's absolutely free to send money on Airtel Money, only the recipient on Airtel Money pays withdrawal fee.

5. Save your money. #Resist Safaricom!