Saidieni pris

This is urgent. Very.
I lost all my original certs in a fire related incident.
I need clean fakes to present somewhere in 2 days.
Nifanyeje wadau

PS i have copies of the lost ones.
Don't try this at home, at work or elsewhere. A colleague of mine did that, secured the job, it took some months before it was discovered and lost his job. Saa hii ni to and fro kortini. Be clean.


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Wondering, if a fake is made to replace the original, is it still a fake? Anyone seeking to verify it, say by checking with the institution, will get a positive answer.

@Liberty, the guy must have faked what he never had originally.

@SnazzyKenyan, inbox me the certs nikuunganishe na mtu.
Exactly your names and cert serial numbers are key here. Kama ni oriji-fake you good