saidieni wadau


Village Elder
what oracle courses will help me get a job immediately after competing? nilichujwa campo so i want to start afresh.
Its not the certification that get you the job.
Its how you prove it to the client that you're worth.
And God always provides, keep praying, all the best brother.


Village Elder
I am sorry to say that the courses do no determine the job opportunities, but your interest of the course will do. For example, I may tell you that engineering courses are the best, then you choose that as your prioritised course. Finally when it backfires you begin to blame me for no reason. I have always been telling students to select the courses that suits there dreams. Let no one demoralise you for choosing a course that you like. Remember you cannot be comfortable with a course that you didnt plan for. This is why other students normally get overwelmed and quit from school. They find the corse very tough so they think that the other course is a bit simple.