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  1. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    After closing school for third term i went home and relaxed sex starved for a whole term my strategy was to look for a mboch or vulnerable girl atleast i release my tadpoles soon to be toads . in the estate i katiad alot of girls but i didnt have no currency to kill the deal as you know our kenyan girls love naira . so i had the poems but that was it when i was asked for coffee i pulled a houdini and sobbed away . there is this one girl in the estate lets call her Aguru she has a big nice ass who liked me so much from my expert view but as i said earlier my Achilles heel always took me out . When i decided enough was enough and my epididymis was going to explode i went into my bedroom when my parents where at work logged into xvideos and did mans oldest trade and exploded three times (we have wifi ) and i was relieved . i kept on doing this for some weeks .

    One day as i was relaxing after my treble nourishment i heard a knock on the door and i went to open , my heart skipped a beat when i saw the visitor , it was the most beautiful bootifull Aguru . i was dumbfounded but like the lion David killed in the bible i opened the door ' hi Lien ' , ' hi Guru ' i blushedly replied ' come in' . she came in graciously and sat down on one of the 14 seater sofa covering the whole seat with her humongous ass although i had pulled a treble earlier mr wiseguy was at attention like the NAZI salute . i put on the Kardashians on my dads 52' sony tv which excited her .

    to cut the long story short i managed to convince her to undress and we went to fuack in the bedroom but i had already had a hatrick so i pumped and pumped and pumped and atlast i managed to cum but i had nothing left in me i cursed the god of masturbation because the cute girl was going to school the next day but she wanted another shot as she gave me dog style , Wiseguy refused to rise up especially when i put on the CD so i managed to fuckk her without a condom but i pumped and pumped and pumped and nothing and she screamed and howled and wailed but mr Wiseguy decided enough was enough and it went limp , WITHOUT CUMMING . the girl was angry and she declared i had fuckedd her without a condom thus i had to by P2 ' but sijamgwaga ndani ' i Githu Muigaid myself , ' hakuna kitu kama hio lazima ununue P2 ' she retorted . i told her to relax am going to buy the P2 i went were my dad usually keeps his change fished 1000 shs and went to the chemist thats the day i discovered P2 is 150 shs and they are two tablets taken . when i came back she was happy took the drug and left the house .

    gentlemen thats how i lost out on satisfying the best booty in the estate and just got one shot . i hope i get to bang her again when the schools close .

    Moral of the story

    Masturbation is evil and created by the devil to deny you your dreams.
    Patience pays .

    Am going back to school tomorrow see you elders tukifunga .

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  2. john_doe

    john_doe Village Elder

    Kijana rudi shule uwache kujaza server na umeffi brare chieth
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  3. captain obvious

    captain obvious Village Elder

    Sijasoma hio ujinga yote umeandika. Hebu kwanza confirm huyu si under 18, ndio nifungue roho vizuri nikidescribe yale maajabu yote naeza mfanyia.
  4. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    munisaidie likes nikuwe elder
  5. Some Say

    Some Say Village Elder

    Nimeketi --------------------------> ningoje matusi.
  6. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    soma story upate hekima
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  7. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    How come every heroine of a ktalk heka has a nice big ass?
  8. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    because we are kenyans ?
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  9. Ice_Cube

    Ice_Cube Village Sponsor

    niaje uwes
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  10. Nattydread

    Nattydread Village Sponsor

    Halafu Sossion complains that no candidate scored an A in Osungu.dll?
  11. Web Dev

    Web Dev Village Elder

    Widely read I tell you. "pulled a houdini" doesn't appear on any set books. :D:D
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    GALANAKULALU Village Elder

    Noogle testicles.....apparently Matiangi is very much looking for you akupatie E- kama hii ndio umeffi unafanya shule zikifungwa.....wewe ni Makedze...
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  13. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    thats my hekaya on how i suffered otherwise elders musijali nikifika form four najua ill write better grammar
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  14. Walker

    Walker Village Elder

    Mono enda ureport shule
  15. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

  16. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    ahsante nipe like sasa
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  17. sparks

    sparks Guest

    enda shule ukajikamulie huko

    btw matiang'i will still be the cabinet secretary for education hata next year. read more setbooks

    Otherwise you will come back to ktalk asking what you can do with an E
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  18. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    ahsante Senior
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  19. LIEN

    LIEN Senior Villager

    shuleni tumefunzwa tuheshimu wazazi na seniors
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  20. vuja de

    vuja de Village Sponsor

    Nunua ARVs kabla uende shule