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So today morning i boarded a matatu headed to karen for a wedding. I was in this very beautiful short dress and wedge shoes. Nimekaa kwa mat back seat next to some guy minding my own business. Dude tells me i look hot, i smile back and say thanks. He tries to start a conversation but i really am not in the moods and didn't want to sound rude to him but he can tell I'm not interested.
After kitu ten minutes, i notice the Guy's hands are in his pants!!! Woiiii, i pretend I'm Not even looking. By this time, other passengers have alighted so huko nyuma it's just me and him. All this time his hands in pants. Wacha he starts wanking. I found it very disgusting but nikasema kila nyani na starehe zake.
Just when i thought i had ignored the imbecile quite well, i feel cold hands on my thighs!! Woiiiiii i have never been so shocked. He even had the audacity to tell me i have very soft skin. By this time i had reached boiling and returned a very hot slap that he willy live to tell his grandchildren. I have never slapped anyone before. This was the first and it sure did feel good. Even my own boyfie respects me enough not to do that in public. Who are you??
Everyone in the matatu was shocked. They didn't know what was going on and i wasn't ready to explain. Dude was too embarassed he alighted on the next stage
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