Salva Kiiru Gets 10 acres in Naivasha


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The Kenyatta family and their contempt for landless Kenyans is well documented. From Jomo to Uhuru. Hopefully there will never be another Kenyatta leading us.
Let's not forget that Lake Turkana Wind Project Limited got 150,000 acres of land for free I install 365 turbines.
Na Museveni pia got land in Naivasha. Next will be Tanzania and Ethiopia :meffi::meffi::meffi:
That's a move in the right direction as stated above by these 2 scholars .

This will boost the economy of Naivasha threefold.
Tunataftia sgr kazi. You can imagine if we become a regional logistics hub kenya will get so much revenue if it is not gobbled up in corruption scandals.
@Yunomi and @Ken_Sarro how did


Ama you guys are Quack ? ? ?

For @Chiefkiumbe , I'm not amused

People are fighting for land, na nyinyi mnapeana kwa nchi zingine?
Anyways, the surest way of attracting investors is by offering them land ?


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Everyone around us is hostile na bado tunajifanya na hospitality mingi mingi. Sio Shabaab, Bongolala, Oromo, Bluish-black bonobos.....Museveni ndio afadhali
One thing I have never understood about President Uhuru. Always trying to please the aggressor, four year ago we were hiring KQ to bring back Kenyans from S.Sudan after they got kicked out when the civil war started. Kenyans start joint ventures with S. Sudanese as required by law but get shoved aside as soon as it becomes profitable. If he is giving S.Sudan this land, sawa, its a leased 99 years anyway not sale and he has executive powers for that. 10 acres of Olkaria bush land isn't worth much for production unless its used for industry or commercial like this dry dock. However he should have pushed President Kiir to commit to building Juba to Turkana border road to be tarmacked. In 2021 our road tarmac project up to the border will be completed. There is no need to give S.Sudan 10 acres of dry dock land in Naivasha if its still going through Uganda to reach them.
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