Sampling in the Music business


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Ever heard a song and you wonder umewa iskia wapi?
Start by listening to this:
Octopizzo- something for you

now listen to this
Slim Ali & the Hodi boys- You can do it
Cool James- Mtoto wa Dandu Sina makosa

Les Wanyika- Sina Makosa

Wyre- Sina makosa

So what happened there? Sampling I hope and not outright theft of music.
Sampling is when a musician uses a beat/ chorus/ hook of another musician's work to make 'new' music.
I use new in quotes because some just basically change a few things- tempo/ verse etc but still push the new song as theirs.
Internationally this is done by even super producers such as Dr Dre and Kanye West.
Kanye West' first song Through the wire sampled Chaka Khan's Through the fire so beautifully.

Chaka Khan- Through the fire

Kanye- Thru the wire

The other sampling guru has to be Dr Dre.
Nuthin but a G' thang sampled Leon Haywood I Want to Do Something Freaky to You
Dr Dre

Dr Dre went HAM in sampling this. The beats are 80% similar.

Hip hop has done heavy sampling of Jazz/ Classsic Soul with James Brown being the most sampled artist.
OTIS by Jigga ft Kanye sampled Otis Redding's Try a little tenderness.

Try a little tenderness

Sampling is a good thing because we get to hear the classics in an entirely new way. These old artists also get paid which is useful to them in their twilight years. I f you sample you have to pay royalties or else face a lawsuit like Pharrell and Robin Thicke did after 'being inspired' by Marvin Gaye's Got to Give It Up when making Blurred lines.

Check out a few more sampling gems. TGIF

Cool James- Hallo Hallo papa

Koffi Olomide- Allo Allo Papa
Paul Wall- Oooh Girl

The Chi lites- ooh Girl
And my all time favourite (watu wa GTA mpooo)

The Isley Brothers- Footsteps in the dark

Ice cube- It was a good day

Sources- Uncle Google, Youtube and a keen interest in music.