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Business Insider The Galaxy Alpha
is Samsung's first Galaxy phone to
use metal.
Samsung consistently pumps out
phones with big, beautiful screens,
powerful processors, and high-
quality cameras. On paper, that
seems amazing. These are best-in-
class phones. Supercomputers in
your pocket.
But for design snoots like me, it's
hard to see past all the plastic.
Samsung phones may have those
gorgeous displays — the best in
the world, according to some
experts — but they're encased in
cheap-feeling, creaky plastic. If the
iPhone is a well-designed tool,
then Samsung phones are plastic
Samsung's newest phone, the
Galaxy Alpha, is a response to all
that design criticism. It's
Samsung's first Galaxy phone to
incorporate metal — an aluminum
band with chamfered edges
wrapped around the case.
Oh, and it looks eerily similar to
the iPhone 5/5S. icon_white_slideshow-fe6695d.png
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