I woke up early in the morning yesterday fully horny, my d*ck was almost breaking up it was upright facing in the sky. I figured out quickly what to do to reduce the tension down there, nothing was coming to my mind, I tried to rub it up but I couldn't find solace.
I remembered I haven't paid my house rent and that was the final day of payment, I quickly picked up my phone and called the landlady who was equally my good friend. I remember she invited me for supper the other day so we literally had good rapport with her. After a short while I heard soft knock on the door,"San"she called out, I was in my short black short with a jungle green vest I rushed to the door ,I saw Sue the landlady standing by the door side smiling "good morning San "..she greeted me with a warm smile written all over her face, Good morning to you" I replied. I welcomed her inside the house and she agree to come something she rarely does I felt excited and quickly ushered her to the couch..


Part one was only a paragraph long.Surely, it can't have taken you all these days to load a part two .