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Bukusu man sues son-in law for failing to pay dowry
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Oct 13, 2017 at 10:21 EAT
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A man has gone to court to sue his son-in-law for failing to pay dowry
The son-in-law has told the court he needs more time to settle the payments
dowry bungoma bukusu Daughter's family demanded for 13 goats
A Bukusu man has gone to court to sue his daughter’s husband for failing to pay dowry.
Protus Mamati went to a court in Kitale, demanding for his son-in-law to pay dowry to the last bit, which is compulsory in the Bukusu tradition.
Mamati wants Patrick Marango a.k.a @Mundu Mulosi (son-in-law) to pay the following:
20 litres of Paraffin
A pair of gumboots
One hat
Two bed sheets
Two blankets
Two goats
Two cows
Sh50,000 and Sh20,000 for himself and his daughter respectively
The father told the Kitale court that his son-in-law fled with the daughter, Jackline Katile, while she was still a secondary school student at Sirende Secondary school in Bungoma County.
According to him, his son-in-law has never given him a token of appreciation and has never come visiting to introduce himself properly.
He said that before Patrick came for his daughter in school, she used to perform very well and that the man who married her has never come to show any kind of appreciation or formal introduction.
The son-in-law told the court that he needed more time to settle the dowry since they have three kids together. He said he needed time to prepare well so that he can invite his father-in-law formally. He also said that his father-in-law rejected to receive the dowry in bits
The two families had already met but failed to agree, since the son-in-law’s family had only offered two goats when Protus wanted a maximum of 13.
The cause will be heard on Thursday, November 16th 2017.