Saul Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin

16-9-2017, T-Mobile Arena: Golovkin has never lost and has KO'ed 33 out of 37 professional opponents and is 37-0-0(safi kama pamba). That's a master pugilist.
Lakini kuna ngumi ingine ya canelo mbaya sana. Ile alipatia Amir Khan akalala. Despite the low knockout rate, canelo is not necessarily a tactical fighter the level of Mayweather because he often relies on haymakers to finish a fight, but in 51 fights, he has a record of 49-1-1 (class 1 fighter). His youth is hardly an advantage. Saul alvarez/Canelo was slapped around by mayweather despite his youth.
Canelo is comparable to Vladimir Klitschko and Golovkin to AJ except for ages and weights.


AJ is the new king new iron Mike.

Triple g will knock out Canelo , golovkin has a cement chin . But it will be a sweet fight hakuna kukimbia kama mayweather, more of a UFC match hawa vijana hawaogopi ngumi it will be a street fight eastern Europe vs Latino south America. Noma