Scaffolds for hire .


Philip J. Fry

I need scaffold set to help install some equipment kwa auditorium height ceiling (approximately 8 metres) for a day or two hapa Nairobi.
Kitu kama hii hapa.



Village Elder
Enda kasarani Muthokinjo ask them to direct you to a shop opposite one of their apartment
They deal with those scaffolding of you want a course in scaffolding inbox me .....Germany technology
Wow, you get 5k a month and you think you are underpaid. I don't have so many degrees as you but I think that I am really underpaid. I get 3k of dollars for a month. I work at a Mi tower hire and it is very dangerous. All I do is wait for people to call us to make some renewal works with their roof or sometimes working with electric cables. It is a very dangerous job and sometimes I had situations I thought I will die or hurt seriously myself. I think for such a job I am underpaid. I thought many times of changing my profession but this is the only thing I am good at.