school fees

Clyde 007

Village Elder
Especially by giving a strong, solid foundation in their early childhood education. Later on it will be much easier in high school and college especially if the discipline is instilled too.
.. yeah u've said it right, its much better u spend a fortune on kindargaten and pre school giving ur child a strong foundation,


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Though I strongly believe education is a kind of anchor for later good life for kids, I am still of a school of thought that even though you have the full amount of school fees, paying in bits and sometimes being sent home to collect fees, may make some come back to reality and get to know what we undergo through to put food on the table and still make it to pay their fees.
Though on another perspective, current generation apana tambua what parents undergo through.


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Education is key to better life...knowledge is power. We don't go to school to become rich someday but to be able to understand life situations and dilemmas. When an educated person speaks,many listen.