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She sat through an interview with the Sunday Nation and yelped heedlessly that her life and that of her family were in danger. Interestingly, however, she didn’t find it necessary to inform the authorities. Instead, she sought political asylum for her brother and his family in the United States.
Roselyn Kwamboka Akombe—or lady Akombe as her peers dotingly refer to her as—is the incarnation of the vilest evil and perpetrator of treason in Kenya, presumed by many to be a democratic state. Despite carrying herself with a modicum of grace, Akombe is the ultimate undertaker of the dark world. She is the siren-in-chief of unbridled malevolence and the maiden of the latter-day axis of utter wickedness.
Together with Chairman Wafula Chebukati and Commissioner Margaret Mwachanya in the presence of Chebukati’s PA, Akombe brokered a deal to hang Kenya precariously on a precipice. The deal involves a package with a generous ‘send off’ package from external regime changers through NASA principals. The climax of this evil scheme will see the three commissioners resign a few days to the October 26, General Election. Once this happens, the election will stand nullified. However, for a bowl of lentil soup, Akombe and her co-conspirators care less about the dire consequences and anarchy they will set off.
Akombe is the perverse intermediary between the IEBC Commissioners and NASA, negotiating for them each a send off package of a Ksh. 5 billion. Upon pocketing the blood loot, the Akombe sellouts will declare their lives and those of their families in danger and that they cannot, therefore, oversee the repeat presidential election. In the same send-off package, is the bait of political asylum for the three commissioners whose resignation would pit Kenya in total chaos.
Now you know why—apart from the fact that NASA does not have resources— Raila Odinga, NASA presidential candidate is not campaigning. You now know why Raila’s close allies repeatedly shout that they have a secret weapon.
And as the National Assembly was discussing the electoral amendment bill, Chebukati was chairing a meeting between NASA and Jubilee at the Bomas of Kenya to break the stalemate. It is at this point that James Orengo felt betrayed by Chebukati’s body language, he felt cheated that the ‘spineless’ chair was dropping the ball. And that explains why Orengo walked out of that meeting and went on to address the media, spewing garbage as usual.
In Parliament, the bill had sailed through the first reading and was going through the second, prompting Chebukati to address the media. In his address to the media Chebukati claimed that no amendments to the electoral law are needed. But the truth is, he has developed cold feet and their plan is falling out of place.
Legally, it is only Chebukati as chair who should declare the President elect. There is no room for an alternate national returning officer. The quorum required at the Commission for proper operation is five members so if three walk out at the eleventh hour as planned then the election will not take place since only four commissioners will be present for duty.
It is now abundantly clear why Raila Odinga today in his now predictable daily press conferences turned ‘campaign strategy’ was extremely mad at parliamentarians, the Government and Chebukati who was also trying to slither out of the murky waters he has been conscripted by NASA to swim in.
As for now, Lady Akombe and the loose cannon and self-styled secretary Mwachanya are back on the drawing board to craft yet another malevolent strategy to choke Kenya until their needs and those of their paymasters are met.


Now you know why Parliament must act. Campaigns and mass rallies are not enough, neither could another high turnout and victory for Jubilee be sufficient to ensure that democracy is preserved. The evil ones are not democrats and their goal is to grab power at whatever cost.

And people still do not know who killed Msando, or why?


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i would have said this was fake news but with the current developments there is some element of truth because Rao went full throttle after realizing the bill was moving at super speed in far as am concerned the bill only seeks to seal the loopholes utilized by Nasa lawyers to sway the supreme court decision
i would have said this was fake news but with the current developments there is some element of truth because Rao went full throttle after realizing the bill was moving at super speed in far as am concerned the bill only seeks to seal the loopholes utilized by Nasa lawyers to sway the supreme court decision
The best way to test this story is to slowly and methodically look back at the past 2 months to see incidents that fit perfectly.

For instance, after the elections and when Jubilee's victory became imminent, Roselyn Akombe traveled abroad at a time when a commissioner would be expected to be present. After Akombe's return, Uhuru was declared winner BUT handed a fake Form 34C, which later featured prominently in the nullification.

After the declaration, Orengo explicitly ruled out a petition. It is likely that Maina Kiai and his AfriCOG were preparing to pounce, but their NGO's and funding got choked. Suddenly and just short of the deadline, a petition was filed and presented with a lot of smoke and mirrors. It consisted of junk and allegations that neither disputed the numbers, nor proved anything about their transmission. Kumbe the junk was a smokescreen for the introduction of fake papers and affidavits, while the complicit SC judges were already consulting with the petitioner on how to nullify.

Just zoom in and notice the important moments, the ill-disguised coordinated leakages, press conferences, etc.

Jubilee cannot afford to blink again. If NASA has their 'irreducible minimum', we must also have our inviolable Constitutional rights to elect our leaders without crooked commissioners and justices nullifying the numbers. Mass campaign rallies are no longer enough.
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Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!


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after all these events one stands to ask questions on who would stand to benefit if the commission fails to conduct an election in 60 days which is why the NASA battalion is guns blazing to cause instability in all key institutions as they buy is no longer a fight for democracy or credibility by a manipulation of the current system and the law of the land. Our constitution is very shallow in terms of specifics and depends on individual interpretations.

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

NSIS must place that Akombe under a microscope and trail her kabisa..she has all the hallmarks of a saboteur on a mission! I am told she took a huge pay cut from UN where she was a P-5 staff earning close to 2.5million monthly to the current 700K! Did she genuinely do this to sacrifice for her motherland where she has been away for the last 18 years?? I doubt


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i am fully supporting the new election laws to avoid ambiguity in the law and avoid a scenario where some sneaky individuals manipulate the law to subvert the will of Kenyans as it is evident some party agents deliberately left polling stations without signing the forms just to sabotage the process because their candidate had not garnered the numbers.And then there was the petition with the vague law coming in handy for the battalion

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!