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Scott Peterson, (man who killed his pg wife to be with his mistress) Retrial

Scott Peterson’s name has popped up in the news lately, so thought I’d post this (very long but informative) article I wrote for anyone who wants to know more.

It covers The Aponte Rumor, The Medina Burglars, Mailman Russell Graybill and The Supposed Juror misconduct.
For those following this story, We should hear something regarding the Habeas claims by or on January 21, 2021.


Stop the presses! Scott Peterson is still guilty! There are no new witnesses, no new suspects, nor new evidence in 2020-2021!
Anyone or any publication that states otherwise is either grossly misinformed or they are deliberately lying to you.

Let’s get started shall we? If you’re reading this, chances are you already know about Scott and Laci Peterson and how Scott murdered his pregnant wife on December 24, 2002.
He was convicted and sentenced to death by a jury of twelve in 2004. Ever since then, Peterson’s family, namely his sister in law, Janey Peterson, have been filing appeal after appeal trying to free their convicted murderer. The courts must be exhausted.

So what are they lying about now? Let’s break a few of those lies down:

The ‘new evidence’ of mailman Russell Graybill. Wait! You mean the Russell Graybill who testified at the trial in 2004 and said he noticed nothing unusual or out of the ordinary the day of December 24th, 2002 at the Peterson residence when he delivered their mail? Yes. That one.
On December 24th, 2002 Mr. Graybill delivered to 500 homes with the Peterson residence being one of them.
With Christmas being on the 25th there was no delivery and on the 26th he delivered to 500 homes again.
On the 27th, he covered those 500 homes once more. He might have delivered a package to the Peterson’s that day but we’ll never know. Graybill couldn’t remember and why should he? It was 1 out 500 homes. So here we are on the 27th of December and he goes in for his interview with a police detective. By this time, he is having to recall the memory of one random home out of 500 on his route.
Since the 24th, he has had 1497 combined deliveries in addition to the Peterson residence. He is now trying to recall the events three days prior. He mentions the side gate in front of Laci’s car was open, and he did not hear their dog barking. He said the dog always barks and he did not bark that day.
Three days later, the District Attorney’s Office sends their investigator out to take a statement from Mr. Graybill as well. In this statement, he says he noticed nothing peculiar or out of the ordinary that day.
Fast forward a year and a half later, he repeats the exact same thing two more times, under oath, as a witness on the stand. There was no open gate.

On YouTube, there is a video that shows police searching the Peterson home December 27, 2002. In the first 8 minutes, you don’t hear so much as a peep from the dog that ‘always barks.’ Watch and see for yourself. All those strangers milling about, and McKenzie the dog doesn’t even let out a gruff until they approach the latched gate to walk in.
Once the Scott Peterson Appeal Team get wind of my article here, they’ll most likely remove it, so I have a backup just in case.
The Appeal Team says they ‘didn’t know’ about Graybill’s police statement and therefore weren’t able to question him about it on the stand. That also means the prosecution wasn’t able to question him about it either.
How he remembered the gate at one random home out of 500 that he expertly recalled 72 hours later.
They weren’t able to ask him what the Christmas lights were like at house 264 or if there was a car in the driveway at house 397.
Were the dogs barking at home 77 or the shades drawn at home 118?
As you can see, no one, no matter how familiar they are with their route, would remember anything about a random house they didn’t know they would be asked about three days and 1,500 deliveries later.
Even the court found this preposterous and stated just how unreliable Mr. Graybill’s memory was based on his conflicting statements to police, the DA investigator and contradicting court testimony.

On December 24th, 2002 at 10:18 A.M., neighbor Karen Servas saw the Peterson’s dog in front of their home as she was pulling out to go run some errands.
She stopped the car and put the leashed up pooch in his yard and latched the gate. This gate was found still latched at 4:45 P.M. when Scott Peterson arrived home from his solo fishing trip 90 miles away. Muddy leash still attached to the dog, just as Karen left it.
By getting you to believe that Mr. Graybill has the memory recall of Rain Man, the Scott Peterson Appeal Team can say “Look! That’s 100% proof the gate was open and McKenzie wasn’t there!”
This way, they can theorize that it was Laci who left the gate open and took the dog for a walk when Graybill swung by. How else can they bring in all those phony eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen Laci walking in the neighborhood with a flimsy white top in 38 degrees that morning? Wait. How does McKenzie get back in the yard with the gate closed if Laci was out walking him? Who closed the gate? Good question and one they don’t have an answer for because the answer doesn’t exist: It didn’t happen.

In case that doesn’t pan out, they have their backup plan. Blame it on the burglars across the street.
The burglars whose acquaintances turned them in for a $1,000 reward but kept mum on the supposed kidnapping for the $500,000 reward that was also offered. That makes sense.
Their Meth addict pals must’ve not needed $499,000 more. Yes. If you believe the burglars did it, you also believe they have the most loyal friends in the world, who would only snitch for $1000 but not half a million…
Peterson’s defense team really wants to pin it on the burglars who were cleared by police and had no problem (unlike Scott!) When asked to take a polygraph test.
This burglary was also said to occur on December 26th in the early morning hours and not the day Laci went missing either. The 26th makes sense because homeowner Susan Medina testified in court that the first thing she noticed when she pulled in her driveway was their hand truck/dolly right there on the front lawn!
Burglar Steven Todd confirmed he used it and left it behind.

One would think that if it happened on the 24th, a large hand truck/dolly sitting out on the front lawn would stand out like a sore thumb during all those frantic searches by police as well as Laci’s friends and family the 24th and 25th!
That’s right. By saying the burglary happened on the 24th, the defense is asking you to believe that a large metal object, used for hauling heavy items, just sat there unnoticed by dozens of police officers and search teams, for three consecutive days, directly across the street from the Peterson home…

Brent Rocha had mentioned that when he arrived at 523 Covena, it was lit up by a helicopter. There were 40 people on the front lawn across from this hand truck. FORTY PEOPLE had to not notice a suspicious hand truck just sitting on the front lawn across the street. Flash lights in hand. No one out of FORTY noticed such an object right in front of them? It’s not like they’re gathering for a casual get together either. Everyone is in ‘Search Mode’ And ‘Find Laci Mode’. Eyes and ears are everywhere in this neighborhood and park. No stone left unturned.
See Laci’s brother Brent Rocha’s court transcript below, describing the scene that night. And that is just for the 24th. Imagine when they went door to door on the 25th and yet noticed no hand truck either?
I don’t have actual photos of how this might have looked so tried to recreate the scene with the ones below so you get an idea.

If anyone insists the burglary happened on the 24th, share this post. If they believe that, they believe hundreds of searchers and detectives overlooked such an obvious object on the front lawn across the street. So obviously, that it’s the first thing the homeowner noticed when she pulled in.
By the time the 26th rolled around, and the burglars had left the dolly, media trucks and hundreds of onlookers had filled the street.
People might’ve thought it belonged to one of the media outlets, if they noticed it all, being that they weren’t there to search for Laci or look around…
Here are a couple altered photos of the Medina house with a generic hand truck added to show you what this would’ve looked like, for 3 days. Also included is a snippet of Susan Medina’s court testimony and what a hand truck/dolly looks like.

I feel Diane Sawyer flashbacks when I say to Scott’s team, “Do you REALLY expect people to believe this!?”

The Aponte Tip. I feel like Robin Williams in “Goodwill Hunting” when he’s yelling ‘The fields medal! The fields medal! The fields medal!’ I say ‘The Aponte tip! The Aponte tip! The Aponte tip!’ in the exact same way. That’s how I feel about the constant mention of this ridiculous rumor they tout as ‘new evidence’.
Ready for this load of nonsense? An unknown, unnamed dorm (prison) guard, apparently told Lt. Xavier Aponte that he overheard a secret conversation two other inmates had had.
He claimed they were talking about burglar Steven Todd and that he confronted Laci Peterson during the burglary. Mr. Aponte decides he’s going to listen to the conversation of these two secretive men, the Tenbrink brothers. What do you know!? He hits the jackpot and overhears these brothers mention the supposed run in with Laci Peterson! What are the chances!? You know what this means right? Xavier Aponte can now call the tip line with the $500,000 reward… This guy gets luckier by the minute!
I’m sure the police are thrilled to have another second-hand-hearsay tip added to their pile of 8,000 by now.
As the Modesto police stated in their February 28, 2003 public announcement, all tips are recorded and looked into if they are needing more information.

Aponte’s tip was officially recorded…along with 8,000 others. So what is the significance of this Aponte Tip that was solely based on a rumor?
The call was apparently recorded and the tape handed over to Modesto police officers.
You mean we have this new evidence on tape!? Don’t get too excited.
The Modesto police have no record of any officer going out to Mr. Aponte’s work, speaking with him, taking a report or receiving this mysterious tape! I bet by now you have some questions for ole Aponte.
Since I know most of his answers from his signed statements to the court, lets answer them.
Who is the guard that supposedly told Aponte about this Watergate-worthy conversation that he should snoop in on? He doesn’t remember. Yep. That’s the answer in a nutshell. Mr. No-name. He just can’t recall.
Well where is this conversation Aponte had recorded and put on tape? It must’ve gotten lost. What? Seriously!? Yep. Lost.
Perhaps you’ve heard rumors or outright lies from the Scott Peterson apologists who love proclaiming to the world that ‘The Modesto police lost it’ in their diabolical plan to frame a fertilizer salesman (Scott Peterson).
The only problem is, Xavier Aponte, in his signed statement to the court, said he has no recollection of the tape ever getting into the hands of the Modesto police department. Wait. There’s more.
What’s the name of the officer who came out? He doesn’t remember. Well what was the name of the officer who called here and interviewed one of the guys in the conversation? You guessed it. He doesn’t remember.
So here is the list of things Lt. Xavier Aponte cannot remember:

-The name of the guard who originally told him there was a conversation he should know about.
-The name of the police officer who came out or when he came out. No official log on either side who this was or if it actually happened.
-The name of any officer he talked on the phone with or who interviewed an inmate on the phone.
-What happened to the mysterious tape that had the exonerating evidence of burglar Steven Todd being confronted by Laci Peterson.
-I know, I know. Cut Mr. Aponte some slack though, will ya? I’m sure it’s not his fault that he can’t remember literally anything in regards to his big tip. It’s not like he’s a mailman with 500 homes on his route. So there you have it. Now you know everything the Scott Peterson Appeal Team is up to and just a few of the fairy tales they plan to bring into court if Scott should get a new trial. A new trial? Why?

They say a juror lied on the jury questionnaire. Lied? Yep. That’s all they like to tell the media though, because it’s a great sound byte for the misinformed and excellent click bait.
You want to know the big lie? This juror said that she wasn’t involved in a lawsuit or was the victim of a crime. Why? Because she has taken out a restraining order against someone in her past. Apparently, that is considered ‘a lawsuit’ by everyone who holds a law degree. I didn’t know that. Did you? That if you got a restraining order against someone that you were involved in a lawsuit!? Don’t worry. 99.9% of the population didn’t know either.
Also, isn’t the purpose of getting one, to prevent becoming a victim of a crime anyway? Not legally. If you take one out, you are considered a victim due to the reason you gave for taking one out in the first place. Yes. That is the big lie! A restraining order that wasn’t mentioned because the juror didn’t equate one with being a crime victim and lawsuit!
I would close for now, but apparently Scott Peterson’s family recently hired a private investigator who unearthed ‘new suspects!’ Really!? Yes. I can’t make this stuff up. After 18 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed reward money, we have new suspects that miraculously appeared during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. You better believe it!
My guess is they will grab two hapless acquaintances of the burglars for their new patsies. Anyone with a criminal record who was in Modesto at the time is fair game and on the chopping block. There is no limit with these folks.
If you’ve learned anything from my pedantic rant here, you know this: If all else fails, they can possibly come up with their very own James Kilkelly, also known as ‘Jimmy in-and-out’ from the hit TV series ‘Breaking Bad.’ Someone to take the fall so they can end their double decade schemes and free their precious convicted murderer after all.

The photo you see below of Scott Peterson in the sunglasses with the bleached hair and goatee? That was taken when he was arrested with 15k cash, Multiple credit cards, his brothers ID, 4 cell phones, survival gear, multiple knives, duct tape, 50 feet of rope, tarp, a shovel and Amber Frey’s recently printed out work address. Apparently he was on his way to ‘Golf’. He had everything but the kitchen sink in his car but...no golf clubs.