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  1. Holzsat

    Holzsat New Villager


    searching for old pay tv cards from Zuku, StarTimes, DSTV, Gotv or other pay tv satellite providers.
    Please send a picture of the cards to Holzminden@gmx.de and a price.

    Thanks and Greetings
  2. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    i got several, how much you willing to pay
    CC: @Giggz
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  3. wyckysise

    wyckysise Villager

    I have a dstv card for 2006
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  4. Holzsat

    Holzsat New Villager

    hey can you send me a pic from your cards to holzminden@gmx.de please....over more we can talk via e-mail...thank you and greetings holzsat