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I have a job for you dear Brandi Omosh. I need someone who will write big and qualitative texts. The texts should have at least 5000 characters with a message, climax, introduction, body, conclusion, resolution and other elements. It’s hard to find someone who will create such short texts but since you boast that you are a poet I believe you can be a fit candidate for this role.


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I also have a job offer for you, Sir. I want to develop my blog and the bad thing I don’t have this skill to write texts comprehensively and concise. I’m opened to pay as much money you want, but the texts must be really catchy and qualitative. Also, I would like to see some of your texts before discussing further details. Once again I need long, qualitative and discursive texts and not short comments which you usually post on forums. I already hired the guys from who keep my website on top. I’m looking forward working with you.


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I already worked once with a content writer but I wasn't satisfied with how everything came out. Writers must display excellent skills in word choice, grammar, and creative thinking but my content was plain and usual. I'm interested in your services. I'll reach out to you.
When I search for such services I expect the writer to do more than write well. I need a writer with experience creating the types of content that I want because exceptional content is one of the most effective ways to improve your Google ranking. I would like to share unique content all over social media liverpool and I also need to update my web site's content in some sections. Do you have any finished projects I could see or any feedback from your clients? I would like to see some works first before further discussions.