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am currently watching "Blackish"
i dnt know whether am living in utopia but incase I ever marry and have a family then this is the wife, family and lifestyle am prraying to the Good Lord I'll have. Inshallah


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Annabelle creation
William Shakespeare sn
pirates of Caribbean
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Girl’s Trip
The Hitman’s Bodyguard
power season 4
the last ship
Narcos season 3


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Anza na
1. Queen of the south. I find it more interesting than narcos
2. 24 legacy. still interesting even without jack bauer
A True Story About Karma

Johnny Frank Garretts Last Word Movie and Documentary

Based on a true story, a nun was murdered in her convent bedroom in Amarillo, Texas on Halloween 1981. The police arrested a young man, Johnny Frank Garrett, who always maintained his innocence but he was found guilty and sentenced to death.

On the night of his execution, he wrote a curse letter condemning the people and their families who helped send him to his demise. Shortly after Garrett’s death, members of the community start mysteriously dying. One of the jurors takes it upon himself to break the curse when his son is suddenly struck with a life-threatening illness.


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Kama hujawahi watch any of these old series, watch them first:
- Burn Notice
- Person of Interest
- Prison Break
- 24
- Boondocks
They are old, but VERY entertaining.
P. Interest = NOT WATCHED
P. Break = WATCHED
24 = WATCHED (several times esp Sn 3, 4 ,5)
Boondocks = WATCHED