serpent seeds


Senior Villager
when adam and eve were in the garden of eden the serpent lied to eve and dryfried her and she gave birth to a boy named cain,yaani nyoka ilikamua eve,after that naye adam knowed even and a boy called abel was born,now you can get the picture abel was a son of man and cain was serpent son


Senior Villager
The question you should asking yourselves bro and sis is that are you sons and daughters of perdition,were you doomed from the day you were born,is there anything you can do to change your karma because you will pray,sacrifice and worship but they will never reach heaven


Village Sponsor
Na juu Abel hakuwa ameoa, watoto wake walitoka kwa mzoga yake?
Waka_poor tiga ngoma. Watoto walitoka kwa Cain wengi sana pure blood...