Servicing a gun is slang for wanking - Shebesh Fiasco

Was he Kawasakiiing? Ama servicing his gun ni kusema nini? It was slang for wanking when I was in primo yani. With that in mind, these excerpts from the family statement just make me laugh at the whole scenario.

1) My husband is a GUN expert

2) He runs a shooting range where he trains people to HANDLE guns........dont underestimate his gun handling capability. He is not a stranger to guns

3) We ran to the bedroom and found he had injured his THIGH.

4) He was in the bedroom SERVICING his gun when it DISCHARGED


Village Chief
Many years ago there was a teacher who used to drum into our heads that familiarity breeds contempt.
Reason why many bad accidents that cause serious loss of life are caused by experienced drivers who are very confident of their driving abilities. Novices rarely cause bad enough accidents to kill people.