Sex Enhancing Drugs And Side Effects...


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Recently, a man died in a bedroom act in Dandora, Nairobi. The police found an assortment of drugs in the house which the deceased had allegedly taken.
Then, a man from Migori County died after allegedly taking sexual enhancement drugs. According to a police statement, the man had booked a room but after taking the pills, his partner changed her mind.

Around the same time, a businessman based in Mtwapa died in the act after developing chest pains. Again, it was said the blue pill was at play.
The rumor mill is rife too with men of high standings who have perished because of the use of the blue pill. The streets are also awash with numerous stories of young and old men alike who have succumbed to the use of sexual enhancing drugs.
Alarmed by the increasing incidences the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya issued a statement last month warning the public against the indiscriminate use of sexual performance drugs.

"We caution the public to refrain from accessing the medicines without a full evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription by a qualified medical practitioner," read the statement from Dr. Louis Machogu, the chair of the organization.
The doctor urged those with prescriptions to access the drugs from only registered pharmacies and those verifiable through the 21031 SMS code.


Access issues
Indiscriminate use, easy access, and misuse of sexual enhancing drugs are cited as among the causes of the spike of men dying under the blue pill.
Investigations by the Saturday Magazine reveal that sexual enhancement drugs are some of the most commonly purchased drugs in local pharmacies. They are cheap and readily available over the counter. Generic blue pills cost as low as Sh50 per 50mg tablet. A 2019 report by Pfizer which manufactures Sildenafil Citrate popularly known as Viagra showed that the blue pill is the most purchased drug in Kenya's e-pharmacies.

How does the blue pill end up killing? According to Dr. Gitobu Mburugu, a Consultant Urologist at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), a combination of sexual enhancement drugs and other medications such as nitrates can be lethal. Dr. Mburugu says that these medications cause the blood pressure to drop to very unsafe levels.

Case of young men
Contrary to belief, the majority of users are young men and not senior citizens with low libido or with erectile dysfunction.

So why are young and energetic men dying to perform?


"We don't use Viagra because we are unable to achieve an erection. We do it because we want to impress our girlfriends," says Carlos Ndambuki, who works as an insurance agent in Nairobi. Carlos, 32, says that nowadays, men are judged by how long they last in bed.
"Quantity has replaced quality. Sex longevity is now a major deal-breaker in relationships. Women don't want the one-minute man. If you don't perform, you will find your lovers mocking you on Kilimani Mums and online Girls Chats, or your one-minute video circulating on Telegram," Carlos says.
He has used the blue pill to make an impression in bed. "I once had sex with a woman and failed miserably due to what I came to understand was the anxiety of the first time experience. I felt so inadequate and I could tell the lady was not impressed too, even though she didn't say it," he says.
In their next sexual encounter, Carlos was afraid of failing again and decided to try the blue pill. "I had heard that it could make you last for hours. I wanted to test it and prove that I was a man. I bought one pill at Sh50 and broke it into pieces. I swallowed one piece. I was afraid that I could suffer a heart attack if I popped the whole tablet. The piece I swallowed worked well and I redeemed my self-esteem before the girl's eyes," he says.

Among younger men though, the long-term risk is the inability to perform without taking these pills. There is a risk of the body developing tolerance to the drug. This means that should a man suffer erectile difficulties in later years, medically prescribed sexual enhancement drugs will be ineffective.

Dennis Nyenze is learning this the hard way. The 36-year-old who runs a car hire business started taking sexual enhancement drugs in 2006. "I was 22. I started by experimenting with EnZoy, which was a popular sexual vitality powder that we diluted in soft drinks," he says. Dennis moved on to generic blue Viagra. "I have used sprays, gels, and even tried the 100mg overdose. I regret it all because today I cannot function without taking a pill. I have lost my natural abilities. If the body says quit or take it slow, just listen. Don't rush for the pill," he says.
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These people don’t realize Viagra is not a pill to make you last longer. So they keep taking more every time until it kills them because it was developed as a heart medication.

And then some of these Pharmacies sell pills manufactured in some back street in India with no quality control. Dosage can be anything 5mg- 300mg.

So one day you take a good pill with 50 mg, the next day another pill doesn’t work as great because it only had 5 mg. On the third try you pop two because of last results weren’t as good. Kumbe each pill had 250 mg. The next day someone has to sign your death certificate.
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EnZoy, I remember that shit. I remember seeing it in supermarkets and I think I took it once, to great disappointment. I believe the greatest aphrodisiac is a good diet, cutting out jerking off and of course a full wallet.
zi..enzoy was a beast...kwanza it had some natural ingredients list mrefu....i took it once pia for experiment after high school.....ilikuwa mara ya kwanza kumanga dem kama nimesmam nimembeba...that shit used to changamsha muscles as well....shida ni ile headache utapata asubuhi.....niliumwa na kichwa hadi i had to be taken to a hosi