Sexual consent age to be raised to 21 in kenya


Village Elder
Magoha needs to come out of that cocoon.... kama yeye haskii kulima sisi tunadai na si tafadhali. But still, he is ugly and probably kamuad DFHKMBLBHNKN at age thirty. What do we expect of him??


Village Chief
New curriculum, exams, teacher posting, training, etc
these are all important issues but they pale in significance when you think about the fact that in some counties such as Narok half the girls do not finish class eight, This has a long term negative impact on the entire community's development.
This is one problem that requires a social fix rather than a legal one. To arrive at a social fix, it requires that there's is vibrant debate that may lead to a change in viewpoints. attitudes and, finally, norms. Magoha has just cleverly triggered this debate as a way of addressing one of the big problems standing in the way of his delivering quality education for all kenyans.