Ive heard about sexual harassment and then guys be like oh you know women need to chill. Oh Yeah? Just watch this and tell me how you can chill when some punkass just grabs you because we ni mwanamke. Pepper Spray ndio itafunza hawa washenzi adabu, you smile then open your bag,spray the eyes, only physical pain can recondition such nincompoops. This guy is wearing a hijab. Whats the excuse here? Goes to show its got nothing to do with how you dress. I think women need to become aggresive and not such soft targets.


Miss Finest Wine

Americans are a vvvv weird lot. Their obsession with fame, lawsuits, compensation etc is just so disgusting. Sasa wave imefika huku the MPs are all quacking in their boots and some celebrities too. Hakuna kuguza mtu anymore. Soon we will hear how Prince Charles guzad abcd's arse....Some could be telling the truth but why did you keep quiet for so long is the 1 million dollar question? because you wanted to use the person to climb upwards esp in the film and music industry. Some could be lying too.

Wooi may my fav EPL footballers mind their lanes kabisa as they are heavily targeted by white trailer trash basic bishes who book into hotels where the players frequent before and after a match. They go to great lengths to bag these boys....

A crazy world we live in. Georgie what do you think about it all?