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This is why I completely stopped using public transport. Anita Nderu narrates her ordeal. I dress very conservatively but Ive had my thighs rubbed ,driver rubs your thigh or boob if you sit next tust o him, not to mention the music and radio talkshows thats just so degrading for women. I prefer spending that 300 bob in a taxify cab than being emotionally and mentally scarred by perverts on public transport. My emotional and mental wellbeing is worth that money.



Village Elder
Ohh poor thing ! hapa ni pale pesa huanza kuchuna mtu kwa mfuko ! all of a sadden you realize talk shows on Fm stations are sexist, your neighborhood is dusty and dangerous, the kibanda you used to eat on loan does not measure up to your high hygiene standards and you can't stand their instant coffee kama sio mochachino ya Java you would rather die of thirst !