Sh. 20.8 billion and Sh. 3.6 billion in assets recovered

This is one of those things you say and people will go, "Yeah... I can see how that's possible." Same as when you meet your friends and say stuff like "I have eaten close to 200kg of roast meat since the start of the year." They know it's probably bullshit, but it's also not impossible.
This was the same cunt that was seeking amnesty and prayers for the corrupt
Crap.... let them give statistics and not absolute figures. 20b in a country that loses likely half of its budget YEARLY to corruption is nonesense. That basically around 2% of the actual funds lost in just one year, a dismal failure to say the least.
Bull crap... huyu msee is just taking us for a ride knowing very well He cunt bite the hand that feeds Him. Alizoea kudanganya sheeple and am sure some are already singing Him praises...MTUmishi wa mungu anafanya Kazi.
Ujinga wenu hauna kifani (!). People making silly generic statements that have not an iota of thought. Is it Wabukala for example who jails people?
Hes the one who recovers the loot. If he was diligent at his job he would be collecting enough evidence while at it and forwarding it to DPP. Not making out of public eye settlements and just giving us figures. Those figures should be tied to individuals.