SHAFFIE WETU, the real definition of ALPHA MALE!


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So today it happened I came across upclose with Betty Kyalo as I was browsing through my YouTube . I then decided to watch this upclose with SHAFFIE Weru ... I don’t have much time to explain a lot but this guy is the real Alpha nigga out here ... FB53D289-A4ED-4BA1-A70B-AE9FC82DECEF.jpeg 88E0237E-4AF9-4694-9613-0A7E97719D70.jpeg ED7957EF-E550-4B33-96C3-2CCB8B9ACF56.jpeg ED7957EF-E550-4B33-96C3-2CCB8B9ACF56.jpeg BAF649D1-B725-408A-9463-8290DB413F2C.jpeg BAF649D1-B725-408A-9463-8290DB413F2C.jpeg 18A12A42-F7A9-46E1-91E6-4E96B09F7D18.png CE0A770F-F3B8-4E16-A50D-58E14770C69B.png 863A1AE3-1FB8-4650-BC6D-CCB296D36E70.png

Baby Panay

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He is an Alpha. Nigga has been inside Carol Mutoko ( So I have heard) and other mature elites. Has a thing for older women and probably that's why she hasn't settled down yet.


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He lives on an admirable lane,that being said he may need male hands kidogo.Arm wrestling Betty atamvunja ulna & radius.
I doubt ... this guy has too many options ... remember he's a party addict ... The raverend you know ... NIGGA is smart when it comes to women and money. He says he only trusts his money with him ... lol

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima Jebedeyo
but this guy is the real Alpha nigga out here ...
i know shaf on a personal level,you should spend a day with him and know what a shithead he is,popularity breeds confidence,and thats what everyone sees,you in particular.Bibi yake ,mama ya katoto kake kwa findio,ule alioa ndio kiboko yake,ni kadogo but ka kali.But by all means ,the guy has earned his bragging rights


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I don't want to take anything from him but he looks like he is the type of guy who talk too much and not a good listener. The type lazima hao ndio lazima wapige story mkiwa maskan and when another person is talking anakua distracted or hayuko huko . Tries too hard to be funny and liked.